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Jonathan Rosenfeld, Partner, Trium Group

Jonathan is a Partner at the Trium Group, a cutting-edge strategy and leadership consulting firm, and founder and shaper of Trium’s truly unique systems-based coaching practice. He is a change strategist who works with CEOs and their leadership teams to develop cultures which maximize engagement, creativity, and performance, and has helped multiple leadership teams integrate meditation and mindfulness into their meeting best practices. Drawing on his deep expertise in the fields of neuroscience, mindfulness, and systems theory, he aims to catalyze deeps individual, team, and organizational transformation.

Although Jonathan has worked for decades advising executives and companies in the space of organizational change as a coach and embedded team member, he began his career as a clinical psychologist specializing in at-risk adolescents, designing interventions to keep youth in school and out of prisons and to reduce the incidence of adolescent domestic violence. Today, Jonathan spends time as a whitewater rafting guide for non-profits working on river restoration and providing inner-city children the opportunity to experience the wilderness.

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